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What could inspire thousands of our customers to go out of their way to freely share their personal Q-Link stories? Serious Results
& Profound Change. By hearing what others have to say about the positive effects of Q-Link in their lives, you can only begin to
imagine what can happen for yours. Hear what our valued customers have to say. The following are actual exceerpts taken from
letters we received from people who wear a Q-Link Ionized Bracelets. Their experiences are their own and we are very happy to hear
about them. Individual results vary - results vary - results not typical. Please share with us your experiences with Q-Link.
Press here to submit your great Testimony Submission
or Mail to: QeShop.com, P.O. Box 1843. Des Plaines, IL 60017.
"The QLink is a technology that amplifies and clarifies the body's energies. By reducing the noise in any energy field, this technology
strengthens and purifies the body's own energies. This technology has been scientifically demonstrated to enhance the body's ability
to protect itself from harmful environmental radiation, and thus it helps to remove harmful influences on the organism's health and well
being. This technology therefore removes some of the blocks to inner transformation to higher and healthier states of being."
- Ken Wilber, President, The Integral Institute, Boulder, CO, Author of 'A Brief History of Everything' and 16 other books on
consciousness and Integral theory and practice.
"The QLink works, but that is not nearly as important as why it works - just like an apple falling is not nearly as important as why it falls.
The operating principles and theories behind the QLink are so innovative that they have the potential to revolutionize our understanding
of the human being - and the Universe. I have been impressed by the QLink because it has helped me balance my physical, emotional,
and cognitive energies. I feel a greater clarity and well being in my mind, and my doctor has detected the same clarity and well being in
my blood. But more importantly, I'm impressed because the QLink has opened the most fascinating exploration on the nature of reality
I've ever undertaken. I sincerely hope that more people find the QLink a key to health and development."
- Alfredo Kofman, PhD, Former Professor and Teacher of the Year at MIT Sloan School of Management, Author of 'The Fifth Discipline
Handbook; and many other books on Management Science, Organizational Behavior and Economics. Top consultant to Chrysler, Shell
Oil, General Motors, EDS, Intel, Phillips and other corporations.
"When you study what rich people know, you soon discover they all know one thing...all success stems from having a healthy outlook
and healthy mind. EMF is a modern day phenomenon that zaps your energy without you realizing it. The QLink Pendant is a solution I
found to protect myself from everyday EMF. Wearing this pendant during the day I felt an increase of energy and mental clarity that I was
able to maintain continuously throughout the day."
- Brian Sher, Author of top selling business book in Australia, 'What Rich People Know & Desperately Want To Keep A Secret'
Chapter 7, pg 176 ?The QLink ClearWave clock is recommended to improve sleep. "...The night after she installed the Clarus clock, Janice
began to sleep better. In three months, all her symptoms were gone, including the insomnia and restless sleep." Chapter 7, pg 188 ?The
Clarus ClearWave and the QLink Pendant are recommended in the "Protection From EMFs" section.
- Herbert Ross, D.C, and Kerri Brenner, L.Ac., with Burton Goldberg, Authors of 'Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide on Sleep Disorders'
"In my practice and in my book Body, Mind, and Sport, I teach the importance of maintaining a calm center within the activity of one's life.
In fact, the calmer one is, the more powerful one can be. Like the eye of a hurricane, the bigger the eye, the calmer the center and the
more powerful the hurricane.
"I use a variety of methods to induce both athletes and non-athletes into this experience of inner calm. Most athletes, as do most activities
in the West, create a state of fight or flight emergency, which wears the body down. The QLink directly supports this calm center within
one's self. I strongly recommend the QLink to serious athletes and to everyone else who wants more graceful and less stressful
- John Douillard, D.C. Ayurvedic physician, Author of 'Body, Mind and Sport'
"It's about performance. I like to write first thing in the morning; a good long stretch, usually six hours. Sitting in front of the computer was
seriously draining--I lost the will to live by noon. My workouts were agonizing. I had nothing left at the end of the day. The QLink is
remarkable. I started wearing the pendant three years ago. I can now write for six hours, workout with intensity and focus, and still
have enough energy left to enjoy whatever the evening may bring. I have never been more productive."
- Jean-Jacques de Mesterton Author of 'The Succession'
"We've all savored rare moments of peak performance, of being in the Zone. I experience them every day with my QLink!"
- Larry Miller, Author of 'Holographic Golf' and 'Golfing in The Zone'
"I have verified that the QLink Pendant protects me from electromagnetic radiation and enhances my own energy levels."
- Gun Agell, author of 'Strengthen your Immune System'
As he appears wearing the QLink Pendant on The Recovery Network, Gary recommends the QLink Pendant as an additional resource
for healing.
- Gary Null, Nutritional TV Show Host and Author of 'The Food - Mood - Body Connection' and many other books on the subject of
Natural Healing and Self Empowerment
This a what a few celebrity golfers had to say about Q-Link:
Ted Purdy 2005 Byron Nelson Classic Winner
" I began wearing a Q-Link pendant about three months ago. Since then I have focused with greater clarity and have performed
better under pressure... the greatest benefit I have to show is my first PGA Tour victory, which I am ecstatic to say Q-Link played a
big role in."
Mark Calcavecchia
Broke 48 year PGA scoring record while wearing Q-Link
"When I started wearing the Q-Link in 2001 it was the best streak of playing golf I have ever had. I feel calmer, less nervous and less
anxious, which is a good thing in professional golf."
Bruce Fleisher
U.S. Senior Open Winner
" The tournament before the Senior Open, I put on the Q-Link and finished second. The next week I went out and won the Open. I definitely
feel calmer since I began wearing the Q-Link. I would have to say in situations where I hit a bad shot, it didn't bother me as much. I find
it easier to recover now from a bad shot. I don't know how it works or what it does, but if you ask me if I'm going to take it off, I say hell no!
You don't fool with success!"
Dr. Joseph Parent
Mental Game/Performance Enhancement Coach for PGA, LPGA, Tour Professionals, Club Pros and top amateurs.
Recently featured on CNN Headline News.
" The Q-Link is a powerful tool for golfers, enhancing performance under the stress of competition. It reduces mental 'chatter' and distraction,
making it easier to focus, concentrate, and ease into the settled, even flow of being in the Zone. Don't tee off without it!"
Jerry Garrison
Senior PGA Representative, Monday Qualifier
" As a rep on the Senior PGA Tour, I am always looking for something to help my clients. The Q-Link has been widely accepted by the
players, even though many can not endorse it due to contractual obligations. They use the Q-Link to help with stress, concentration,
focus, and to balance the pressure of competition. It can take you to a new, higher level on and off the course. My mind is quicker and I
retain more thoughts.
Thank you Q-Link! "
Tim Petrovic
" Before I began wearing the Q-Link in late 2002, I was somewhat streaky and inconsistent. If you want to be more focused and consistent,
the Q-Link is a must. The Q-Link is as important to me as a driver or a putter... it is a necessity."
Tom Pernice Jr.
" The Q-Link's been wonderful for me. It's really helped me relax and focus much better on the golf course. I don't get nearly as uptight as I
did before. All in all, it's a magical product. I'm amazed. I'm loving it so far."
Karen Stenson
“I’ve noticed a substantial increase in my own energy level and less stress sinve I began wearing the Q-Link Pendant. Many of my staff
are also wearing Q-Link Pendants and are experiencing similar benefits, especially those who work with the computers and phones all
day. The Q-Link Pendant is a great, unique and timely product.
Larry Altshuler, M.D. Edmond, OK
”Just one of many benefits from wearing the Q-Link Pendant is the absolute elimination of jet lag. Crosssontinental flights in either direction
are especially easy now and adjustments to a new time zone is effortless. In addition, I feel very protected in the aircraft, which is used to
drain me. My Pendant is now an ally in all aspects of my life!”
Johanna Sayre Villa Park, CA
“In my practice as a holistic chiropractor, I have had the opportunity to test the Q-Link Pendant with many of my patients. They are
experiencing increased energy, greater mental clarity, more emotional stability, and reduced irritation from computers. The Q-Link may
be essential to the health and wellness of every individual given the degree of electropolarization in our world.”
Herb Ross, D.C., President, Aspen Sleep Institute Aspen, CO
“ I was so impressed by my own personal experience with the Q-Link Pendant that I hought one for each of my children. We particularly
value the high level and balance of personal energy we now feel. I also notice that my thinking and intuition is clearer, which is a benefit
I never expected.”
Jeanie Kortz, R.N., Former Head Nurse, Duke University Denver, CO
“The Q-Link Pendant definitely. enhances my energy. I also feel protected from electromagnetic radiation overdoes , which I have verified
using Applied Kinesiology.”
Gun Agell, Author Strengthen Your Immune System Eatonville, WA
“Since wearing the Q-Link Pendant I noticed a subtle but significant change in my energy. I feel stronger, more protected, and feel I have
more mental and emotional focus. Also, by the end of the day, I have more energy than I normally do. I believe this is due to my being
shielded from electromagnetic radiation scatter, as well as having more protection form some of my patients who drain energy from me.”
Dean Morris, D.C. Palm Springs, CA
Since wearing the Q-Link Pendant I have been able to work at my computer for hours and feel, for the first time, relaxed yet powerfully
focused on my writings. I highly recommend the Q-Link Pendant to anyone who works with a computer and desires a revolutonary new
experience with this machine.”
Bija Bennett, Author Breathing Into Life and Yoga Therapist Aspen, CO
The first thing i noticed when i used a Q-Link Pendant was it took the ‘edge’ off my life. By this I mean my emotional/mental experience
of roughness or noise was greatly reduced and the feeling of clarity and centeredness was enhanced. My awareness was smoother and
more expanded. I also noticed that I needed less sleep at night and felt more alert throughout the day.
Robert Teifield, PhD, Biomedical Research Los Angeles, CA
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