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Shuzi Research
BioMeridian is the world’s largest manufacturer of FDA - registered Meridian Stress Assessment instrumentation, medical diagnostic equipment used by doctors and health practitioners around the world to assess functional health.

The BioMeridian MSA-21 measures stress in up to 60 sifferent parts of the human body. It is currently used by over 1500 physicians in the United States and in countries around the world to measure resisteance to stress in essential bio-systems throughout the body.

Subjects were tested in each of the 60 areas of the human biofield and measured on a data output scale of 0 to 100. The ideal target zone falls within the score range of 45 to 55, while any measurement above 55 indicates the presence of stress, as it denotes excess energy,, or an inflamed condition in that part of the biofield.  Any measurement below 45 is also a sign of stress, because lower numbers indicate that the energy systems are impaired, weakened or blocked. The closer the measurements are to 50, the closer the subject  is to being in his ideal performance zone, making him better able to cope with the effects of stress.

Subjects were first tested without Shuzi, at which point each stress score was recorded. Afterward, each subject was tested wearing Shuzi, and scores were again recorded, showing a very notable positive difference between the first and second test in nine out of 10 subjects.
BioMeridian’s testing scientfically demonstrated the immediate efficacy of Shuzi’s Nano Vibrational Technology and its ability to lower stress levels in the human body, as well as balance the biofield.
Shuzi Research
Shuzi Research More advanced tests require measurement equipment
Hand Dynamometer - Grip Meter Test

Step #1: Do not wear or have the Shuzi bracelet within 12 inches of testing subject.

Step #2: Reset second hand on dynamometer.

Step #3: Grip as hard as possible to get maximum reading ( the second hand will mark the maximum strength).

Step #4: Wear the Shuzi product and repeat Step 3. Check the maximum level. It should increase by 10%-30%.

Steps 1-4 may be repeated for verification.

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