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Based on years of leading edge scientific research, the Q-Link Pendant is the most advanced electromagnetic protection product ever developed. The Q-Link Pendant boosts and maintains your own natural immunities to electromagnetic fields (EMF). The Q-Link Pendant activates an omni-directional, protective field extending approximately 2 feet around the body and is extremely durable and permanent. It requires no batteries and is water resistant which is easy to use and comes with a nylon cord.

Q: What's the difference between Pendants and Bracelets?
A: From a functional standpoint, all 2007 pendants and bracelets contain SRT-3, our most effective programming to date. Pendants and bracelets are designed to deliver the same benefits. The new bracelet line provides both existing and future users a choice of how they want to enjoy and utilize the technology. Some may prefer the look of the bracelet, while others may prefer the convenience of a Pendant. Some may feel more comfortable wearing a bracelet than a Pendant. Some may want to alternate between product types.

Q: What happened to the Q-Link Models?
A: SRT-2 Pendant models, including the "classic", circular "silver" and circular "gold", were officially discontinued in February 2006. They have been replaced by next generation SRT-3 Models. SRT-3 represents the most evolved Q-Link technology to date, an estimated 20% more effective than SRT-2. However, we do have a limited supply of SRT-2 Q-Link Classic models. Get yours today before we are completely sold out.

Q: What about the Q-Link Pendants I've seen on online auctions?
A: Authorized Q-Link Resellers are prohibited from selling on online auctions. If you see a new Q-Link for sale on an online auction, the distributor might be in violation of their Q-Link Reseller Agreement. While the price may be right, purchasing from a violating Reseller may affect your return guarantee and product warranty. Protect your best interests by buying from a well-established source you can be sure will be there when you need them.

Q: I have seen combination offers on other websites offering free bracelets or emf detectors. Will these improve the function of my Q-Link?
A: No. The Q-Link is a stand alone technology that requires nothing else to make it function more efficiently.

Q: How often should I wear my Q-Link Product?
A: To obtain the greatest benefits, you should wear your Q-Link Product 24/7.

Q: What is a Q-Link? How does it work?
A: Simply put, the Q-Link™ is a scientifically proven pendant that helps the human energy field function at its optimum level.
The Q-Link pendant boosts and maintains your body’s natural bioenergy will actually strengthen, regaining vitality and balance even when inundated by EMF. The Q-Ray provides this guaranteed, pure source of subtle energy whenever you wear it, so you can naturally strengthen and maintain your own bioenergy and have extra protection from EMF. This is the purpose of the Q-Link Pendant.

Q: Is the Q-Link scientifically proven?
A: Yes! Please visit our research center for a sampling of Q-Link Research. Learn how Q-Link improves blood quality and function in as little as 48 hours, helps you better respond to stressful circumstances, increases brain function and more.

Q: Is it safe to place my order online?
A: Absolutely. Our cart employs the latest data encryption technologies and security measures to protect you. If you would still feel more comfortable placing your order by phone, please call us toll free at 800-700-5537.

Q: What are the benefits of Q-Link?
A: People who wear a Q-Link report having clearer thinking, increased awareness, calmness, better sleep, enhanced mental focus, stamina, vitality and more. The Q-Link strengthens your resistance to the effects of stress, increases energy, enhances mental performance especially under stress and it reinforces your natural immunities to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) emitted by cell phones, computers, and other electronic devices. Athletes who begin wearing the Q-Link to increase their performance find it improves their level of skill with no extra effort required.

Q: How soon might I feel the effects of the Q-Link Pendant?
A: The subtle energy process of bioenergy clarifying, enhancing, and balancing is essentially instantaneous. About 35% of Pendant wearers are able to feel this immediately or within a few hours. What they experience are higher energy levels, more mental clarity, enhanced intuition, and increased performance. Other wearers take up to three weeks to register the balancing effects. If you don’t notice a difference within three weeks, we suggest you wear the Pendant consistently, everyday for a full week. Then remove it for five days and you’ll likely notice the decline in your energy.

Q: How do NEW Q-Link models differ from previous?
A: NEW Q-Link Models have an updated sleek, contemporary design that is available in your choice of White, Black, Titanium, Silver and Gold. The NEW Q-Link White, Black and Titanium models are a 1.5 inch triangle with beveled edges and two distinct sides, each making a unique statement. The NEW Q-Link Silver and Gold Pebble Pendants have an asymmetrical design also featuring two attractive sides.

NEW Q-Link Models also contain the latest enhancements to the technology, SRT-3, which enables the device to more efficiently resonate life-supporting frequencies in your energy field, providing a more powerful response to stressors. Most people will realize heightened energy, notice a quicker effect and have more rapid return to centered emotional balance.

Q: Does "NEW" in "NEW Q-Link" mean "NEW", as in not refurbished?
A: No. The NEW Q-Link has replaced the previous "Classic" Model.

Q: Does it have a power source or electronic components?
A: The Q-Link contains no power source of its own and works like a tuning fork, resonating with and strengthening the life-enhancing information already present within the biofield.

Q: How long do I have to wear it before I notice the benefits?
A: Everybody’s different; some people notice immediate results, but for most people it takes days or longer. However, testing on FDA certified equipment shows the effects are instant, even if you don’t realize it. For optimal results, we highly recommend that you wear your Q-Link all the time.

Q: Is there a money back guarantee?
A: We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all NEW Q-Link Products excluding Gold. Your Q-Link product must be returned in original condition in original packaging.

Q: How should I care for the Pendant?
A: The Q-Link Pendant is very durable and requires almost no care. If you notice that the resin face is becoming smudged, you may clean it with a soft cloth moistened with water. Don’t expose the Pendant to excessive heat, such as leaving it on the dashboard of a car in the sun. You can wear it in the sun, but don’t allow it to become overheated or the face may slightly bubble. We don’t recommend wearing it in the hot tubs or saunas, and it is probably best to take it off while bathing or showering. But if you do forget, it shouldn’t present a problem to its functioning. The Pendant is designed and manufactured to be permanent. We recommend that you wear it everyday to experience its full benefits. You may also wear it while sleeping, but it may enliven the dream state.

Q: Why is the Q-Link beneficial when I’m around computers, cellular phones, airplanes or other sources of EMF?
A: The Pendant’s revolutionary design fully supports your body’s innate intelligence. This means your body will respond even more healthfully to natural radiations, such as sunlight but it will effectively reject man-made EMF which it sense is stressful, weakening and damaging to your system. Imagine the Pendant as a type of sun modern work and living environment.
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