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Hear what our valued customers have to say. The following are actual excerpts taken from letters we received from people who wear a Q2 Ionized Bracelet. Their experiences are their own and we are very happy to hear about them. Individual results vary - results not typical. Please share with us your experience with Q2.

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or Mail to: Q2 Great Stories, 716 First Ave, Des Plaines, IL 60016.

"I feel more in control of my game. I wouldn’s play a tournament without it."
Keith Fergus Professional Golfer PGA Champions Tour
"Q2 is the talk among my colleagues. They love its comfortable fit and beautiful design."

Ted Toller Offensive Coordinator
"Since I’ve worn my Q2 I have run my best time at almost the age 40. I have seen quite a few people wearing a Q2, including most of my training partners. It really helps a lot."

Mbarek Hussein Winner, Seoul International Marathon 2002, 3-time winner, Honolulu Marathon
"I’ve worn Q2 for years. Now I’m providing them to all of my top athletes."
Coach Clyde Hart Baylor Univerity Track/Field Coach
"I have been a satified Q2 wearer since 1998. I never take it off. Over the years, I have provided Q2 bracelets to many of my players, staff, and other members of the organization... they have a huge success! Thank you Q2."
Herm Schneider Head Athletic Trainer Chicago White Sox
"Over the past 7 years I have continued to have the same success that I experienced the first year. Several players and staff members continue to use Q2 bracelets with success and are spreading the information to other players and teams. Thanks again for your support and I’ll keep you posted on the results we experience."

Dave Surprenant Head Athletic Trainer Dallas Stars Hockey Club
You know, everywhere I give a bracelet to athletes around the world, they just rave about it- they gotta have it.
Thank you Q2
Bill Kazmaier World's Strongest Man 1980, 1981, 1982
Q2 is the talk among my colleagues. They love its comfortable fit and its beautiful design.
Colleen Walker LPGA Tour Professional
"I am a country singer and I love being an enertainer. But it’s very demanding on the body with my long hours and late nights. Q2 makes a big difference in my energy level and it looks great. I never take it off."
Angel Rattay
Country Artist
"The Q2 has given me increased flexibility in my swing."
Brad Benkey
Head Golf Pro/LaQuinta Resort & Club, California
"It totally focuses me and balances my energy. It’s abosulutely wonderful."
Judy Friesen
Reiki Maste
Toronto, Ontario
"2005 was my best season yet. The only things I changed were being with Coach Hart and wearing my Q2 bracelet. I’ve been on the top of my game ever since."
Sanya Richard
2006 USA 400 Metre Champion
2004 Olympic 4x400 Gold Medalist.
"I am a firm believer in Q2.I’ve worn them for years and I highly recommend Q2 to my family."
Sandra Post
Professional Golfer, LPGA Champions Tour
"I’ve been wearing the Q2 for 3 years and gradually I just felt better. I felt complete."
Bill Neil
Burlington, Ontario
“Q2 is really wonderful and the most interesting thing is you can tell the difference after you wear it. You can feel it. You can actually tell the difference.”
Ramsey Pang
Mississauga, Ontario
"The Q2 bracelet is a solid product. I really enjoy it. It looks good and it is a definite benefit to me. It gives me more energy and it makes me feel better."
Nigel Scott
High School Teacher
Burlington, Ontario
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