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Based on years of leading edge scientific research, the Ion-Ray is the most advanced electromagnetic protection product ever developed. The Ion-Ray boosts and maintains your own natural immunities to electromagnetic fields (EMF). The Ion-Ray is extremely durable and its effects are permanent and water-resistant. It activates an omni-directional, protective field extending approximately 2 feet around the body.

Ionized Pendants

Q: How does the Ion-Ray Pendant work?
A: The Ion-Ray Pendant boosts and maintains your body’s natural bioenergy. Also called “chi”, strong bioenergy is universally regarded as the key to physical health, harmony, and vitality.

The presence of a pure subtle energy source, positive bioenergy can be created. Your natural energy will actually strengthen, regaining vitality and balance even when inundated by EMF. The Ion-Ray provides this guaranteed, pure source of subtle energy whenever you wear it, so you can naturally strengthen and maintain your own bioenergy and have extra protection from EMF. This is the purpose of the Ion-Ray Pendant.

Q: How should I care for the Pendant?
A: The Ion-Ray Pendant is very durable and requires almost no care. If you notice that the resin face is becoming smudged, you may clean it with a soft cloth moistened with water. Don’t expose the Pendant to excessive heat, such as leaving it on the dashboard of a car in the sun. You can wear it in the sun, but don’t allow it to become overheated or the face may slightly bubble. We don’t recommend wearing it in hot tubs or saunas, and it is probably best to take it off while bathing or showering. But if you do forget, it shouldn’t present a problem to its functioning. The Pendant is designed and manufactured to be permanent. We recommend that you wear it functioning. The Pendant is designed and manufactured to be permanent. We recommend that you wear it everyday to experience its full benefits. You may also wear it while sleeping, but it may enliven the dream state.

Q: How soon might I feel the effects of the Ion-Ray Pendant?
A: The subtle energy process of bioenergy clarifying, enhancing, and balancing is essentially instantaneous. About 35% of Pendant wearers are able to feel this immediately or within a few hours. What they experience are higher energy levels, more mental clarity, enhanced intuition, and increased performance. Other wearers take up to three weeks to register the balancing effects. If you don’t notice a difference within three weeks, we suggest you wear the Pendant consistently, everyday for a full week. Then remove it for five days and you’ll likely notice the decline in your energy.

Q: Why is the Ion-Ray beneficial when I’m around computers, cellular phones, airplanes or other sources of EMF?
A: The Pendant’s revolutionary design fully supports your body’s innate intelligence. This means your body will respond even more healthfully to natural radiations, such as sunlight but it will effectively reject man-made EMF which it will sense is stressful, weakening and damaging to your system. Imagine the Pendant as a type of sun screen or sunblock for man-made EMF the invisible and insensible radiations that chronically pollute every modern work and living environment.

Ionized Eyewear

Q: "I understand how a lens can be polarized to eliminate destructive pattern interference. But how can a frame be polarized?"
A: We know it sounds strange because we're used to thinking about light as something distinct and special. We do this because we can see it. But in truth, visible light is only one small part of what is known scientifically as the "electromagnetic spectrum. " When you polarize the light reaching your eyes, you are polarizing only a very small portion of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Electricity, radio waves, infrared, microwave, x-rays and others are all part of this spectrum. Indeed, every moment of the day we are literally bathing in electromagnetism. Powered by the field itself, and channeled through our patented Bio-Polarization treatment, our frames interact beneficially with the brain's own rhythms to reduce the noise of our EM-polluted lifestyle.

Q: "Why does it matter to have a polarized electromagnetic field around my face?"
A: As the eyes are sensitive to light, specific meridians around the face and head are highly sensitive to other forms of energy. Most people don't realize it because they can't see it. But what you can't see still hurts you. Destructive interference patterns in non-sinusoidal electromagnetic fields cause all kinds of problems: from dropped cell-phone calls to migraines. But the problem isn't the electromagnetic wave, it's the destructive interference in the non-sinusoidal wave. In a double-blind study conducted by the Institute of Theoretical Physics and Advanced Studies for Biophysical Research, a very weak sinusoidal electromagnetic wave applied to the head revealed a marked increase in the production of melatonin in the brain and a decrease in the symptoms associated with many types of neurological disorders including depression and epilepsy.

Q: "How do your frames harness this effect?"
A: Using our patented treatment process, the physical structure of our eyewear interacts constructively with the natural waveforms of the brain. The effect is similar to a polarized lens - eliminating destructive interference as it passes through the material - except in this case, the energy is invisible and the effect cannot be seen.but it can be felt.

Q: "Haven’t recent studies ruled out negative effects on the human physiology from artificial electromagnetic fields?"
A: The studies conducted in this regard were investigating cancer rates of individuals living near or around sources of strong, artificial electromagnetic fields. And while it is true that these studies mostly suggest little or no correlation between cancer and EM fields, they are limited in their scope. First, the investigations focused only on cancer rates and do not, in any way, rule out other deleterious effects on the human physiology. Second, the investigators made no distinctions between sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal wave forms. In short: these studies rule out an increased risk of cancer from sinusoidal far-field wave forms.

Q: "What is the difference between sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal electromagnetic waves?"
A: A sinusoidal wave is a sine wave that can be represented on a graph as a smooth, uniform arc from crest to trough. Sinusoidal waves are often known as harmonic or rhythmic waves.

Non-sinusoidal waves are produced through the conflict of many different sinusoidal waves with varying periods and frequency. Under natural circumstances, non-sinusoidal EM waves rarely occur. Plotted on a graph they would not look like a smooth, alternating arc but rather as a row of jagged teeth or a series of boxes.

Q: "So, isn’t your product just a magnet?"
A: No. There are no magnets involved. The clinical value of magnets in a therapeutic context is inconclusive.

Q: "Why does sinusoidal electromagnetic energy have this effect on the human anatomy ?"
A: As with many prescription medicines, the precise mechanism for action is not known. The brain has its own electrical rhythm it uses to coordinate communication among all of its trillions of neurons. The prevailing theory is that artificial non-sinusoidal waves make this rhythm disharmonious with the natural environment. Our eyewear works like a conductor in an orchestra bringing these rhythms back into harmony.

Q: "How does Electro Polarization work?"
A: The Electro-Polarization Treatments subtly alters the behavior of matter at a quantum scale to effect the way it interacts with energy fields. It's not magic. But just like the study of quantum mechanics, it often looks like it is.

Q: "Does everyone respond to Polarized Frames?"
A: Unfortunately, no. According to empirical research, and supported by our anecdotal experience in the marketplace, we expect that 89% of the general population will experience a relevant difference with IonRay Eyewear. Of this 89%, about half will report a very strong benefit immediately, while the other half will notice the difference over the span of hours to days.

Q: "How can I sort out those who have a slow reaction from those who have no reaction?"
A: People who receive no benefit from IonRay Eyewear are in the minority - about 11% of the total population. Given this, it is reasonable to expect that someone who does not immediately respond to IonRay Eyewear is more likely a "slow-reactive" than a "no-reactive." Unfortunately, when speaking in terms of large numbers a substantial gross number of people will be "no-reactive" To alleviate this risk, IonRay offers a complete 30 day refund. For doctors, it is recommended that you allow you patients to try our eyewear for at least 21 days before returning them.

Q: "Are there cases where use of IonRay Eyewear is contraindicated?"
A: Yes. Patients who are pregnant, nursing, or who have a pace-maker should consult their doctor before wearing or handling IonRay.

Q: "Will IonRay interact with my medication?"
A: There is no known evidence of interaction with conventional prescription or OTC drugs. If you feel you are having a drug interaction, consult your doctor immediately.

Q: "Can I use IonRay as a replacement for my current therapy?"
A: IonRay is intended strictly as a supplement to your existing treatment. It should never replace any existing treatment.

Q: "Are there any side-effects?"
A: IonRay is generally well tolerated. However, it can cause side effects in some people. When side effects do occur, they are generally mild in nature. In trial the most commonly reported side-effects of IonRay were headache, insomnia, and nervousness. These symptoms were usually mild and non-recurring lasting only 1 to 2 hours after wearing the eyewear. In some instances people using IonRay have reported seeing and feeling "phantom glasses" up to two days after removing the glasses. Though this harmless phenomenon is common with all types of eyewear, the Bio-Polarization Treatment frames can exacerbate this effect. If you are having problems with your eyewear, please contact IonRay, Inc.

Q: "How can I get my own IonRay Polarized Frame?"
A: You can purchase sunglasses through our website, via telephone, or through any of our authorized dealers found in the "Store Locator" portion of this site. Prescription frames can be purchased only through our approved Optometric vendors available on this site. No Optometric vendor in your area? Ask your eye-doctor about becoming a certified IonRay dealer.

Q: "I am an optometrist/optician/ophthalmologist and I would like to add IonRay to my line. How can i do that?"
A: You can contact a ionray sales representative directly at (877) 333-4579.

Q: "Do I have to be an optometrist/optician/ophthalmologist to sell IonRay?"
A: No. That restriction applies only to our ophthalmic line. To inquire about sunglass placement contact us at (877) 333-4579.
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