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The latest in EMF Protection
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BIOPROTEC uses scientifically-proven technology that harmonizes dangerous EMF waves emitted by cell-phones and other electronic devices. Electromagnetic field (EMF) waves negatively effect the human brain and body and are an invisible cause of stress and fatigue. Tests show that EMF waves radiated by electronic devices and household appliances can even damage DNA.

According to a study from the Neurological Hospital of the University of Freiburg in Germany, cellular telephones' high-frequency electromagnetic fields lead to a significant increase in blood pressure. Pulsed high-frequency fields, as used with cellular telephones, affect biological processes in the brain, which are measurable in electroencephalograms (EEG). It is beyond question that cellular telephones influence the brain's bioelectric activity.

"Cell Phone Dangers
are Real" .. USA Today, May 2005.. get proteced now with Bioprotec.

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Bioprotec EMF Protection Chip
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How does Bioprotec work?

A guiding principle in modern physics is that all life is based on energy and information. The flawless operation of a biological system, needs a permanent exchange of energy and information. This is also true for computer systems. Required energy is provided by electricity, which transforms information into binary codes of ones (1) and zeros (0).

The first generations of computers required large technical equipment. Computers today require a tiny chip; this chip handles the most complex calculation procedures and has the ability to store information of virtually inexhaustible dimensions. Hardware size has been reduced, thus making computers more manageable, economical, and user-friendly.

Bioprotec benefits from the use of a tiny computer chip and the previously mentioned guiding principle. It works exclusively with energy and information.

The energy of light is the first inexhaustible source fed into the Bioprotec system. Information, which is permanently stored inside the Bioprotec system, and the energy of light guarantee flawless and indefinite operation. It needs no maintenance or service.


Bioprotec reprograms both transversal and longitudinal waves to extensively eliminate the negative effects of electromagnetic sources on the bioenergetic field of the human body.

Tests from the Research Institute for Vital-Energetik have shown that Bioprotec is a new generation high-tech product that ensures protection against high-frequency electromagnetic fields on humans.

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